How to Play 5/90 Naija Online

Go to the Play page -> Play the Nigerian Lotto Online

Click on 5/90 Naija online.

Choose "Quick pick" for random numbers or select them manually. Pick 5 numbers.

You can choose another set in the new box. Leave it empty for one line.

Choose your ticket type:

Single ticket – for the next draw only.
Multi ticket – for multiple draws.

Click "Buy ticket" to proceed.

Check your ticket status anytime in "My tickets".

Potential Winnings 5/90 Naija

Interested in potential winnings in 5/90 Naija? Check the "Prizes and Rules of 5/90 Naija" section.

Your Lottery Ticket

Review your purchased lottery tickets in the "My Tickets" section.

Lottery Results

Want to verify results? Visit the "Lottery Results" section in the menu.