Introducing MML - Your Gateway to Millionaire Dreams in Nigeria

We are pleased to announce that we are launching our operations in Nigeria in March 2024! As a new lottery provider, MML (Multi Millionaires Lottery), we are excited to offer incredible winning opportunities to all players in the country.

As MML, our mission is to provide the best possible gaming experience in lottery games. We believe that every ticket is a chance to fulfill dreams, which is why we have built a platform that is friendly, innovative, and safe for all our players.

Our flagship games, such as Mega Jackpot and Keno, offer exciting winning opportunities, and our commitment to transparency and fairness ensures peace of mind for players.

We are thrilled to be part of the Nigerian lottery community and are committed to providing amazing excitement and big winning opportunities for all our players.

Join us on this exciting journey and stay up to date with our new games, features, and winnings. Together, we dream of a better future where every ticket can be the key to fulfilling your dreams!


MML Team

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